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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sometimes We DIY

So, I decided to dabble in a DIY furniture project. Yes, I am in fact crazy.

I saw a few ideas from the internet, pinterest and a few blogs. I came up with the color scheme and it was all executed by the husband, myself and a helpful neighbor. It took us about 2 weeks to complete, although we certainly did not work on it full-time (or even part-time).

The table was a leftover from a move ages ago ($0 invested) and I believe we spent around $65-$70 at Lowes after it was all said and done. I am proud and happy with the outcome! This was a long overdue makeover. Now let's hope the dog doesn't mess it up! Take a look for yourself. Believe me, if we can pull this off, you probably can too.



Final Product

This coffee table was a serious piece of junk and now I can doesn't look so bad.

Sittin' pretty in her new spot!

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