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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Black Bean Soup

Now I must say that most of my recipes are not originals, but I do adapt them to our personal taste. We do love spicy food in this house so most recipes might have an edge to them, but there is always a way to turn down the heat. Enjoy!

Black Bean Soup (delicious and healthy!)

boneless, skinless chicken breasts (~2 cups cooked, diced)
3 cans black beans
1 can Rotel (we use the HOT Rotel)
1 can green chiles
1 onion
1 jar roasted red peppers
~3 cups chicken stock
chopped parsley or cilantro (your preference)
black pepper
1 tb cumin
1 tb minced garlic
1 tb oregano

sour cream, cheese, crackers or whatever you like for topping!!

I baked my chicken in the oven and diced it.
Chop the onion. Drain red peppers and chop fairly thin.  Drain and rinse black beans. Add all ingredients to the crockpot except chicken and garnish. Cook on high for about 4 hours. Add the chicken in and turn the crockpot to low. Cook for about 15-20 more minutes for the chicken to absorb flavors.

Garnish with parsley and sour cream. Pretty darn good!

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