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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hall Bathroom Makeover For Less Than $500!

So, the post for today is about the hall bathroom renovation I've been very diligently working on over the past few weeks. I wanted to share the results and also that we did all of the work ourselves and spent under $500. That's right. Under $500!!

Here's how it all turned out!

Changes that we made or added:

Painted walls
Painted crown molding underside
Painted vanity
Brand new toilet
New vanity light fixture (and energy saving bulbs)
Added photos, artwork, vanity accessories
New shower curtain rod
Changed shower head

Cost breakdown:

All paint and paint supplies- $100 (I didn't add the receipts to the penny, but I rounded up)
New toilet- $200
Light fixture + bulbs - $90+$5
Shower Curtain Rod- $20
Accessories and wall decor- $65 (some of this we already had)
Shower head- $0 (we already owned this and I installed it myself!)
Labor- Free! DIY!

TOTAL: $480

(with beige/tan everything yuck!)

(with a little bit of TLC!)

Vanity close up

You can see a huge chunk of the cost was the new toilet. If your toilet is in good condition, you can really do this on the cheap (or maybe spring for a new vanity or sink, etc.). If you don't have a burly man around to do the hard installing the can borrow mine. for a price! haha. Or you may just have to hire one. I hope you enjoy the before and after pictures; we are very happy with the results!!!

I wish the photos were  a little better. It's a small bathroom so it's hard to get a good full view.

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