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Friday, August 2, 2013

Football and Crafting

OK, so football season is around the corner and if you're not aware, my husband and I are huge Alabama fans. He has ants in his pants counting down the days until the season starts and I am excited that we are going to the opening game!!!! So I got a little inspired. I am making a new wreath. An Alabama Crimson Tide wreath. Don't hate.

Also, please don't make fun of my craft skills. I am certainly an amateur crafter and cook. Here's the finished product. Feel free to laugh. Because you can. And it feels sooo good to laugh!

What I used:

18" wire wreath frame
about 60' of burlap ribbon, on sale :)
houndstooth ribbon (not much)
wood letters
red paint
hot glue gun + glue sticks
some fake holly-type stuff
wooden football decoration
thin floral wire (to hold the letters in place)
a little TLC

I bought just about everything from Hobby Lobby. God bless that place. Money invested: $40 (if you already have a glue gun and glue sticks, subtract like $5...yes, again, amateur crafter)

making the burlap base

painting the letters

almost finished!

This took me about 2 weekends to make. And the best part can make the burlap wreath as a background for just about any wreath...your favorite sports team, a seasonal wreath or just a pretty door decoration with your last name initial and some pretty flowers. The possibilities are endless.

finished product

There are some great ideas that I found on this website and a tutorial for the burlap wreath (which I mostly followed): fall burlap wreath

thanks to Top This Top That blog for the inspiration!

Can't wait for football season and as always, Roll Tide!

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