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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mirror Art DIY

I saw an idea on Pinterest about this project and took myself down to the Hobby Lobby to search for some goodies with a friend. I was looking for something relatively inexpensive to spruce up some of our painfully bare walls. This mirror art project seemed to fit the ticket.

This project was simple and only slightly time-consuming, so that's a major plus in my book.

What you will need (and approximate cost breakdown):

small mirror ($4.99)
lots of wood skewers ($1.99/100 to a pack)
hot glue + gun (already owned)
spray paint (~$4)
picture hanger (~$3 for a small package)
Gorilla glue (previously purchased)

Total cost ended up being somewhere between $16 and $20

Here are a few photos during the project:

starting to hot glue the skewers to the back of the mirror

finished with attaching the skewers

spray painting outside

What do y'all think?

I'm sure there will be more DIY home projects to come! If you have any good ideas or links to fun wall art/decor, please feel free to share!!

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