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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Easy Breakfast Egg Cups

This is a great all in one breakfast recipe. You could easily make this for a crowd. I made 5 individual "cups" for myself and the husband. You can certainly change the ingredients to your liking. And they are very filling. Added bonus: I got to use my new muffin tin!

Easy Breakfast Egg Cups

1/3 green bell pepper, small dice
1/3 red pepper, small dice
4 eggs (use about 1 egg for each cup)
splash of milk, about 2 tablespoons
shredded cheese (about 1/2 cup?)
salt and pepper
diced ham (about 1/3 cup?)

I didn't measure any of the ingredients and I apologize for that, but it really is quite simple. If you want to make more than 5, estimate about 1 egg per cup. Spray your muffin tin with a nonstick spray and start assembling. I put the green pepper on bottom, then ham, then red pepper and topped this with cheese. (Husband doused one of them in Tabasco.)

Next, crack the eggs into a separate bowl, add the milk, salt and pepper and then whisk them together like you're making scrambled eggs. Pour the eggs into each muffin "cup" just below the rim.

They will rise up in the oven, so you don't want to overfill them too much. Preheat the oven to 350 and bake for about 20 minutes. You can easily scoop them out of the pan with a spoon or fork. Enjoy!!

Notes: This was so simple and delicious!!! We both ate one each and will save the others for tomorrow's breakfast. You can easily change any of the ingredients. It's like an adorable baby omelet in a muffin "cup." Love these! Great breakfast!

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